Acceptable Use Policy

Pinewood American International School grants authorized users the privilege to use Pinewood computers and network to access the internet for information gathering, communication, and technology integration in support of the Pinewood curriculum.  Should a conflict arise between personal use and educational use, the Pinewood IT department has developed the following Acceptable Use Policy.

Any digital communication/computing device, hardware, or software component of information, media, and communication technology (including social media) installed, in use, or emerging, in relation to Pinewood, must be Legal, Appropriate, Responsible, and Kind. 

  1. Legal: illegally copied, or downloaded software, music, video, or games, may not be used on any computer at Pinewood, including devices issued to students, teachers, or staff;
  2. Appropriate: only appropriate content used, viewed, or heard.  Any material you would not show to your parents, principal, or an elementary student is a good sign of inappropriateness;
  3. Responsible: due care and attention will be taken with all hardware, system settings (including shared computer settings) software, etc. to prevent damage or misuse;
  4. Kind: the rights/feelings of others are in no way treated upon by the use of digital devices.

Please understand, e-mail and use of any other Pinewood electronic information learning, communication, and collaboration systems and equipment, on and off campus, may be monitored at any time by designated staff to ensure appropriate use.  In addition, monitoring is done for record keeping, maintenance, and security purposes, to follow up on administrative tasks and concerns.  For applications like Google Apps and Turnitin, we follow the security and privacy policies as stated in each system for their users.


  1. Users are expected to access the internet in a responsible manner and maintain their privacy, and that of Pinewood American International School accounts.  Users are advised not to share their full name, or any personal or family information online;
  2. Users are responsible for the appropriateness and content of material sent, received, or shared under their user accounts.  Hate mail, harassment, discriminatory remarks, bullying, spamming, and/or other antisocial behaviors are prohibited;
  3. Users are responsible to secure their accounts assigned to them by Pinewood, so access by unauthorized individuals does not occur. Users shall not intentionally obtain copies of passwords, access/modify files or other data belonging to other users, misrepresent other users on the internet, or access school systems, data, and equipment without proper permission. 

Network Access

Access to Pinewood American International School’s network is a privilege, not a right, and is available to users for educational purposes only.  While the school network has filtering software that blocks access to inappropriate materials, it must be understood that such filtering does not block everything. 

For security reasons, neither students, nor parents, are permitted to setup or utilize any form of personal Wi-Fi, tethering, or hotspot, to access the internet or let other people access the internet while on campus.  Furthermore, it is strictly prohibited to use the network to access, send, receive, or otherwise access profane, pornographic, violent, discriminating, or illicit material, inappropriate text or graphics, or files that pose a threat to the health of the network. 

Use of the network or the internet illegally in ways that violate Greek legislation is strictly prohibited and may result in legal ramifications.  Parents, guardians, students, and employees may be held accountable for their actions.

Any type of messaging, including text, email (except for educationally approved activities), instant messaging such as iMessage, viber, whatsapp, etc. are strictly prohibited on all devices during school day.  Students are allowed to use text messaging after school only.  Use of mobile phones inside the school is also prohibited, unless the student has the permission of a teacher or an administrator for the purpose of an educational exercise, and with the supervision of said teacher/administrator.

Device Use

Eating or drinking near any computer device is strongly discouraged, as devices should not be used during breaks.  Non-academic games are not to be loaded into a Pinewood computer, as it may interfere with the functionality and security of the device, including student information.  Furthermore, students are not allowed to play games during the school day or across the school network, unless a classroom teacher has approved the activity for academic purposes (ie. Minecraft Education). 

If a student is playing an unapproved game while on campus, even if it’s on the student’s personal device, the device may be confiscated and released only to the student’s parent/guardian.  Pinewood reserves the right to inspect devices at any time to ensure compliance with this policy. 

Users are asked to save their work in Google Drive.  Pinewood will not be held liable for loss of any personal data on school devices.


User login and password information is private, and should not be shared with other users; use by anyone other than the user creates a security risk to the device, the account, and the information contained therein.  Student account login information is handed to parents upon registration.  The user of the account is responsible for the educational and ethical use of the account, in accordance to this Acceptable Use Policy. 

Students are set up with a G Suite, School Information System, and Learning Management System (LMS) account.  This account is released to students from Grade 3 and above, and allows students to work together on collaborative projects, share work for peer review, and submit work to their teachers.  Access to G Suite is expressly restricted to currently enrolled Pinewood students, Pinewood alumni, and is to be used for educational purposes only.  Any use of school accounts for commercial purposes, political lobbying, or personal advertising that moves beyond an educational purpose or that may disrupt the learning environment is prohibited.  This includes the customization of profiles and accounts in the form of backgrounds, profile images, and the like.  The email students receive with their G Suite account is the only email they are permitted to use for their Pinewood communication and software access.  G Suite passwords for students in Elementary are released to parents, their IT teacher, and their Grade teacher, in order to safeguard the proper use of the account. Secondary student G Suite accounts are released to their parents and their respective IT teacher and/or Advisory teacher in order to safeguard the proper use of the account.

Cellular Phones

Cellular phone usage by students is prohibited under Greek law on school grounds.  If a student brings a cell phone to school, the phone must be turned off and kept in the student’s bag during school hours.  Cell phones are only permitted for use during drop-off (until 08:30) and pick-up (after 15:10).  Cell phones that are not turned off and inside the student’s bag during school hours will be confiscated, and parents will have to collect them from the respective Principal’s office.  

Cyberbullying & Harassment

The exchange of electronic communication, meaning “communication of any written, verbal, and/or pictorial information through the use of an electronic device, including, but not limited to, a telephone, a cellular phone, a computer, or any similar means of communication” which are abusive, inappropriate, threatening, hurtful, and/or disrespectful both publicly, or privately, will not be tolerated, and is strictly prohibited.  Students are expected to communicate only in ways that are respectful, conscientious, and appropriate.  Students are also encouraged to report any upsetting or threatening materials to a teacher or administrator immediately.  

Hacking & Theft

Any type of hacking, or circumvention of network security measures, defined as any attempt to gain access to devices, folders, databases, or other equipment or materials to which one is not entitled to, or any violations of the law, and/or Pinewood’s policies is considered a serious offense and may result in suspension, expulsion, loss of network access, accounts, or device confiscation.  

Installing, distributing, sending, or receiving copyrighted materials without permission from the owner is prohibited, as is using unlicensed or “pirated” software.  

Stealing is a very serious offense.  Any found devices and accessories should be immediately given to a teacher or an administrator. Personal devices should be kept in the personal student lockers when not in use. If a student decides to keep the device in his/her school bag, if the device is damaged, lost, or stolen, Pinewood will not be held responsible; in any case, the school will take all necessary steps to assist in the retrieval of the device.

Consequences of inappropriate device, network, or account use

The use of technology is a privilege, not a right.  Users are expected to use their devices in accordance with this Acceptable Use Policy.  Failure to use devices or accounts in an appropriate manner will result in the following consequences, as determined by the Principal, or the Head of School: 

  1. Cancellation or suspension of internet and account access;
  2. Confiscation of device(s);
  3. Financial responsibility for damage to another user’s/school’s device or accessories;
  4. Suspension
  5. Expulsion

By signing this document, you certify that you have read the Pinewood American International School of Thessaloniki Acceptable Use Policy carefully, understand the significance of the conditions, and agree to comply with them entirely.  You also certify the understanding that any breach of these conditions may result in disciplinary action by the school, including the loss of network, device, account privileges, etc.

Pinewood makes no warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied. The school will not be responsible for any damage users suffer, including, but not limited to the loss of data, interruption of service, or personal property damage, theft, or loss.  The school will not be responsible for any financial obligations from unauthorized use of the school’s network.  

Pinewood will cooperate fully with local authorities in the event of an investigation relating to, or concerning, any illegal activities conducted through our systems, accounts, or devices.