Alumnus Story: Juan Nieves ‘13


A young doctor in Spain

Nobody can relate more poignantly to the COVID-19 pandemic than the doctors on the frontline of care. Juan Nieves ’13, is no exception. A highly motivated student at Pinewood, he graduated from medical school in June 2019 and passed the Spanish national residency exams in February 2020.

However, he finds himself in bureaucratic limbo due to the pandemic. However, this has not stopped him from fighting the coronavirus in Spain, a country hit severely by the virus. In addition to raising awareness about the virus and teaching vulnerable groups how to wear protective gear correctly, Juan is involved in a consequential project in Spain. As he explains in a recent interview with Dr. Giampapa, “What I’m most thrilled about, due to its global impact, is a project called ‘Generations’. In it, we aim to create a debate among people from ages 14-25 with WHO and UNICEF officials. The idea is that the voices of today’s youth should be heard with regard to how we deal with COVID-19, particularly its aftermath.”

Congratulations, Juan, for making a positive impact on the world. #pinewoodproud