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    Mr. Stelios Evgeniou - Elected Trustee

    I was born in Nea Triglia, Chalkidiki, in 1968.  I am the second child of Dimitris and Paraskevi Evgeniou, and I am the brother of Stratos Evgeniou.  I attended elementary school in my home town of Nea Triglia and high school in Nea Moudania.

    I completed my undergraduate studies with a full scholarship at the University of Massachusetts, USA, and met all requirements for a double major in Economics and Computer Studies. I graduated in 1992 with Summa Cum Laude honors, having earned a GPA (grade point average) of 3.83 out of a possible 4.00.

    My wife, Ioanna Iliadou, and I have three children: Evi (Paraskevi), Dimitris and Iosif.  All three of my children are Pinewood students, and we drive them to school, everyday, from Nea Moudania, Halkidiki.  Evi is in the 10th grade, Dimitris in the 8th grade and Iosif is in Kindergarten.

    Since 1992, I’ve been a member of the Board and Chief Operating Officer in my family business, “Chalkidiki Flour Mills S.A.”   C.F.M. is a milling company, and is among the five largest mills in Greece, with exports to Germany, Scandinavian countries, Cyprus and many countries in  the Balkans.  During the years 2004 -2009, I also worked in the construction business, with a specialization in apartment buildings.  In 2010, my wife Ioanna and I started a new business in Nea Moudania, a bakery called Fres.co, and in 2015 we expanded to the nearby town of Nea Kallikratia. At this moment we have 40 happy employees working with us.

    Despite the economic crisis, I believe that Greece is a great place to raise a family and educate our children. I also believe that nowadays, Greece is the land of opportunity for hotel, health, education and services, but at the same time I want to raise our children with an international awareness and a belief that they can change the world. This is what I hope Pinewood will do for all of us, to make our children feel empowered to go out and make a difference in the world at large.