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    Exchange Programs

    The Pinewood Greek Experience is an innovative Study Abroad program for high school students interested in spending an academic semester or year in Greece. This is a unique opportunity to continue your education, un-interrupted, while discovering the wonderful culture & history of Greece. Join our vibrant, international community (we currently house children of 45 different nationalities!) for an unforgettable experience while continuing an education centred on academic excellence.

    The well-rounded program includes:

    • Full credit courses that complement your current course of study
    • Creative participation in Greek national school assemblies such as October 28th & March 25th
    • Trips & guided tours to historic cities & notable sites around Greece such as Athens, Delphi, Nafplio, Ioannina, Pella, Vergina, Dion and Mount Olympus
    • Modern Greek Language & Literature courses
    • Single or double dormitory room within our excellent boarding facility. All meals made fresh on-site (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks), free WiFi, use of all boarding facilities (libraries, computers, laundry, gymnasiums, multipurpose rooms, outdoor space) and daily transportation to and from school. It includes 24-hour security and an on-site director, dormitory assistants, nurse and psychologist. Our boarding facility is located approximately 5 miles from campus and is a short bus ride each day for our students. See more