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    A Message from our Librarian

    Our brand new Librarian, Mr. Walter Jenkins, introduces us to the new school year. We welcome him to Pinewood and look forward to his input to the Mary Glyn Hick Library. 

    "Hello everyone. I hope you are settling into the new school year. As you know, I have been hired as the new librarian, and I am excited about developing the library’s potential.

    I’ve spoken with Pinewood President, Dr. Giampapa about the library, and we share the same vision. We want to create a valuable asset that complements the work that is done in the classrooms, a space that makes students want to read. Our current space may be small, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be excellent. 

    The library shouldn’t be a place where students go only when they are forced to. It should be visible and an integral part of the student experience. School libraries are unique places. Every student may not go to a science lab or a language classroom, but all of them will visit the library.

    Books have been a part of my life since the day I was born. My parents met in a book club at the library, and our home reflected that. I often joked with my friends that I didn’t live in a house. I felt like I lived in a library. It seemed that every flat space of our home was covered in books, and our favorite birthday and holiday gifts were books. I kept a flashlight under my bed so that I could read long after my parents turned out the lights. I loved our trips to the library, and I can hardly pass by a bookstore without wanting to buy something. When Angie and I have packed for our new job postings, I’ve struggled deciding which books to take and which to leave behind (I couldn’t fit any of my Hemingway with me on this trip, and it was painful to say goodbye to them). If it weren’t for baggage weight restrictions, I would have brought my entire library to Greece. 

    I want our students to have that same excitement about reading. Many students don’t have the same connection to books that you and I do. Whenever someone says, “I don’t like to read,” I think, “You just haven’t found the right books yet.” Regardless of what topics people enjoy they can find books that will capture their imagination. A part of my job is to help our students find books that speak to them. The good news is that I have already spoken to many of our students who love to read."

    Mr. Jenkins asks for the community's suggestions; What are it's strengths? What are it's weaknesses? What role would you like to see the library perform? Have you seen any successful library activities or strategies in other schools you recommend? Did you see any that didn’t work?

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