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    A Trip to the Archaeological Museum

    23 January 2018 09:24

    The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki is one of the largest Museums in Greece, exhibiting unique masterpieces of ancient Greek Art, dating from the prehistoric period to Late Antiquity.

    Last week, we visited the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki to see the temporary exhibition "Figurines. A Microcosmos of Clay". Here we discovered a clay microcosmos, familiar and simple, yet complex and enigmatic.

    Our dedicated Grade 3 students were dazzled by beauty and captivated information.

    Did you know that “malleable and durable clay is the favourite choice of material, chosen by many generations to give shape and breathe life into images of humans, animals and objects”?

    A special “thank you” to Dr. H. Tsougari and his educational team for guiding our group and conducting a fascinating terracotta production workshop.


    Amalia Spiliakou

    Host Country Studies Coordinator