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    Director’s Cut – Shakespeare’s secrets revealed!

    20 October 2017 13:20

    Grade 9 English students recently took part in a specialist drama workshop with director and playwright Mrs Clare Stearns. Mrs Stearns, retired Head of Drama from the International School in Hong Kong and published playwright, led the students through a dynamic workshop in which she showed them how to unpick Shakespeare’s language and find the stage directions hidden in the text.

    Working on a scene from Twelfth Night, students beat out the rhythm of Shakespeare’s verse and took it in turns to play the key characters Orsino and Viola. Mrs Stearns employed various strategies to remove students’ inhibitions and develop confidence.

    I especially liked the team buildings activities. I liked the way the workshop leader asked us to use our bodies to build
    structures – it helped me later when I was trying to imagine how a character might walk.

    - Bo Watrous, a Grade 9 student.


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