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    Grade 4's "Novel Experiences"

    Grade Four’s ‘Novel Experiences’

    Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

    The 4th grade read the Secret Garden and they were astonished! It was a friendly, imaginative and fascinating book and it inspired us to plant our very own garden in front of the school.

    We also combined the activity with our math and science lessons. In science we learnt more about plants and how their characteristics help them survive in their environment and we used our geometry knowledge to measure the perimeter of our garden and calculate how much distance we needed between each plant. We had an exceedingly exciting time planting our beautiful, special garden. We think it’s very appealing and colorful and had a cheerful time taking care of the blooming flowers. Eventually we decided to call our garden:

    THE FASCINATING GARDEN. We took active pictures and interesting videos of the event and put it on YouTube! We hope you enjoy watching it.

    By: Maria Sagioglou & Anna Arrowsmith


    Cliff hanger by Jaqueline Wilson

    Another one of our book stories this year was Cliffhanger, a story written by Jaqueline Wilson and illustrated by Nick Sharratt. It is very suspenseful and grabs our attention in every part of the story. The story is about the main character Tim, who is a timid boy and afraid of almost everything, especially heights. His parents decide to send him to a Sports Camp where he to do many sports that he found scary and dangerous. He was horrified! His worst moment is also the climax of the story where he goes abseiling also known as repelling. He was so scared that he let go of the rope, Luckily, with lots of encouragement from his team he was able to make the right moves and save himself.

    We engaged in many activities for this book but the most thrilling was the opportunity to see Mr.Harrington abseil down our school building. He spoke to us about the techniques and let us see the fascinating equipment. He let us have a go at it and it was very inspiring. We all felt mesmerized and not concerned because we trusted him and we felt safe. This was our exhilarating journey in the story of Cliffhanger. We really enjoyed it!

    Click to see pictures of our abseilling adventure!

    By Ifighenia Leontzini and Eva Ayoub