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    Host Country Studies Trip to Justinian Center in Nea Flogita, Chalkidiki

    Procopius of Caesarea, the prominent Byzantine historian of the 6th century, writes in his book, Buildings of Justinian, how the great Emperor brought security and prosperity to the peninsula of Kassandra in Chalkidiki, by building a Defensive Wall and 21 Towers along the area of the ancient Doric city of Potidaia and the canal of Kassandra.

    On the 9th of May Pinewood Grades 4 and 5 students had an interesting Host Country Studies trip to Nea Flogita where they visited a Center on Byzantine Culture dedicated to the great Byzantine Emperor and benefactor of Chalkidiki, Justinian. The Byzantine Center of Nea Flogita dates back to 1311. Until 1924 it operated as a Monastery Dependency of Saint Panteleimon, the Russian monastery at Mount Athos and later as an American Red Cross Hospital, attending the Greek refugees from Asia Minor. Since 1999 the Monastery Dependency, under the directorship of the Greek Ministry of Culture is turned into a Cultural Center dedicated to Byzantium, named Justinian Center.

    Pinewood students visit the Justinian Center regularly for two reasons:

    1.      Its unique Restoration Center, where students have a chance to see and discuss with experts, how Manuscripts, Icons and Pottery from the Byzantine period are restored to their original “glory.”

    2.      Follow the Restoration progress of the site. On the 9th of May, we were lucky to visit the first Exhibition, just one room, of very interesting Byzantine antiquities excavated in various sites in Chalkidiki.

    It was a day to remember!

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    Amalia Spiliakou,

    Host Country Studies Coordinator