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    International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme

    The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme was established in 1968 by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), a non-profit educational organization based in Geneva, Switzerland. It is a challenging two-year curriculum aimed at students in grades 11 and 12 that leads to a qualification, which is recognized by the world’s leading universities. Today, over 2000 schools in more than 130 countries are authorized to offer the IB Diploma Programme.

    Pinewood is currently accepting applications of students interested in the IB Diploma Programme for the coming school year.

    More detailed information about the IB Diploma Programme is available in the following links:

    Students in the IB Diploma Programme learn more than a collection of facts; they are encouraged to ask challenging questions, learn how to learn, develop a strong sense of their own identity and the ability to communicate with and understand people from other countries and cultures.


    Main Courses

    One subject from each of the following groups:

    - Group 1: Language and Literature

    - Group 2: Language Acquisition

    - Group 3: Individuals and Societies

    - Group 4: Sciences

    - Group 5: Mathematics

    - Group 6: The Arts / Elective

    3 subjects are studied at Higher Level and 3 subjects at Standard Level.


    Theory of Knowledge (ToK)

    An interdisciplinary course that explores the nature of knowledge across disciplines.

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    Extended Essay

    A 4,000 words research paper, on a topic of the student's individual interest.

    Creativity-Action-Service (CAS)

    Participation in artistic activities, sports and community work, fostering students’ awareness and appreciation of life beyond academics.


    - Final IB examinations at the end of the programme in May of the second year.

    - Internal assessment tasks for each subject during the two years of study.


    Pinewood is offering the IB Diploma Programme since September 1999. The language of instruction is English and all classes are taught by experienced teachers, who regularly attend IB teacher workshops in order to keep up with the developments in their subject area. Several members of our IB faculty are also official IBO examiners for various subjects. IB classes are small in size, allowing students to receive individual attention.

    Pinewood IB students have the choice between the following two courses of study:

    • Full IB Diploma Programme

    The IB Diploma Programme at Pinewood is fully integrated into the school's American High School Diploma program, and all IB students also receive the American High School Diploma after they have successfully completed grade 12. The IB Diploma is awarded by the IBO based on the students' grades in the Internal Assessment for their IB courses and the final examinations that take place every year in May.

    IB students complete the Creativity-Action-Service component of the IB Diploma Programme by participating in the school's After-School Activities program, school-sponsored field trips and community service projects.  

    • IB Diploma Courses and American High School Diploma

    As an alternative to the full IB Diploma Programme, Pinewood students have the option of graduating with the American High School Diploma and receive IB Courses certificates for specific IB courses of their choice. IB Courses candidates study the same material as full IB Diploma candidates and they have to complete the Internal Assessment and the final IB examinations for the chosen subjects. There are no restrictions in the number or the level of the courses for IB Courses candidates.

    While IB Courses candidates are not required to participate in Theory of Knowledge and complete the Extended Essay and CAS components, they are able to choose any of these as an IB Course. In addition to the IB Courses, students attend regular American High School courses in order to fulfill the graduation requirements of the school and receive the American High School Diploma.


    The following courses are offered at standard level (SL) or higher level (HL):

    Group 1: Language and Literature 

    • English A - Language and Literature (SL/HL)
    • Modern Greek A - Language and Literature (SL/HL)

    Group 2: Language Acquisition 

    • English B HL
    • French B (SL/HL), ab initio (SL)
    • Spanish ab initio (SL), B (SL/HL)
    • Mandarin (Chinese) ab initio (SL)*

    Group 3: Individuals and Societies 

    • History (SL/HL)
    • Economics (SL/HL)
    • Psychology (SL/HL)
    • Business and Management (SL/HL)
    • Environmental Systems and Societies (SL)
    • Information Technology in a Global Society (SL/HL)*

    Group 4: Sciences 

    • Biology (SL/HL)
    • Chemistry (SL/HL)
    • Physics (SL/HL)
    • Environmental Systems and Societies (SL)

    Group 5: Mathematics 

    • Mathematics (SL)
    • Mathematical Studies (SL)
    • Mathematics (HL)

    Group 6: The Arts

    • Visual Arts (SL/HL)
    • Dance (SL/HL)
    • Film (SL)*

    Additional Options:

    • Any other A language course may be offered as Self-Taught course.
    • Other A or B language courses may be offered on demand at an additional cost.

    * Courses available as official IB online courses at an additional cost.


    Scholarships are available for incoming grade 11 (current grade 10) International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma students covering 20% up to 80% of the tuition fees for the duration of the two years of IB Diploma studies at Pinewood (transportation fee, IB registration and exam fees, and any fees associated with non-Pinewood coursework are not covered).

    Current grade 10 Pinewood students and prospective grade 11 students from other schools are invited to apply for the following scholarship opportunities:

    • IB Scholarships for New Grade 11 students
    • IB Scholarships for Current Grade 10 Pinewood students

    For additional information about the scholarships and the application procedure, please visit our Scholarships page.

    For additional information please contact the IB Office by phone at +30 2310 301221 or email at ibstudies@pinewood.gr