• Manney linda

    Invited Lecture: Pinewood's Dr. Linda Manney

    15 January 2018 13:20

    Invited Lecture by Pinewood teacher, Dr. Linda Manney: to Psychology Graduate Students, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

    On January 11, 2018, Dr. Linda Manney delivered an invited lecture to a graduate seminar taught by Professor Elvira Masoura, Psychology Department, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.  In her talk, entitled The Role of Affect in First and Second / Successive Language Acquisition, Dr. Manney presented current psycholinguistic research which explains how young children learn their first language, and also how people learn second or successive languages in school settings. These two kinds of language learning situations are very different, as they involve different mental strategies, and they occur in different situational contexts.  However, both kinds of language learning, naturalistic and instructed, are strongly influenced by the ongoing emotional states of the learners.  In the case of second or successive language learning, the emotional state of the learner is expressed through motivation, a complex psychological structure which impacts classroom learning in general.  Current research shows that ability is only one part of learning a second or foreign language; motivation, driven in part by the learner’s emotional states and responses, also exerts a major influence on student language learning.  While Dr. Manney focused on socio-emotive processes that enable first and second language learning, the research she presented has implications for classroom learning and the overall school climate in general.