• Panidou presentation

    Pinewood Presents at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki: Conference of Psychological Research

    We are very proud of two Pinewood staff members who presented at the 16th Conference of Psychological Research, held at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

    Stella Palikisianou: "Why don't you play with me? What did I do again? A therapeutic group for children with communication difficulties" 

    In order for us to understand and treat children with difficulties in communicating their needs, emotions and thoughts, we initiated a therapeutic group, which bases the intervention on play. The place where we work, is based in Papageorgiou hospital, and is suitable for both children and parents, to express their concerns and difficulties. We base our intervention on two main concepts, the Inclusion and Understanding. For every child there is an adult-helper, who takes care of the child, supports her, comforts her, until the stress and negative feelings decrease. The child then learns to collaborate, work in a team and play with peers.


    Anastasia Panidou: "Implementation of an individualized and group intervention for children with behavioral difficulties"

    At Pinewood, the American International School of Thessaloniki, taking into account the different cultures and backgrounds of each child, we implement an individualized and group intervention for children who show signs of difficult behavior. This type of intervention assists children to have better ownership of their emotions and reactions, feel more empathy and understanding of their peers. The individualized approach focused on self-awareness, increased the self- esteem of the students and free expression of thoughts and emotions. The group work focused mostly on teaching social skills, solving social situations and interact with their peers in a controlled and well-monitored environemnt. This approach will continue being implemented, since it seemed to be beneficial for the students and their peers.