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    Pinewood Teachers present “The Greek language in an American International School” at the University of Westminster

    11 September 2017 12:18

    The Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities and the Faculty of Science and Technology at the University of Westminster announced the 13th International Conference on Greek Linguistics which was held on 7-9th September 2017, in London.


    The International Conference on Greek Linguistics is a biennial meeting on the study and analysis of Greek (Ancient, Medieval and Modern), placing particular emphasis on the later stages of the language.


    Pinewood teachers Ms. Zafiriadou & Ms. Adelfopoulou participated at the Conference by presenting their paper entitled: “The Greek language in an American International School”.




    The Greek language in an American International School

    “Pinewood” is the American - International School of Thessaloniki, Greece. Our program covers all 3 divisions, EYP, Elementary and Secondary. Besides the fact that all courses are in English, we offer Greek as the host country language to all grades, from K-12. Elementary students are divided into 2 groups, Natives and Internationals. The philosophy of Greek Language Native Program is to provide students with a learning experience that promotes Greek language.The main source is the Greek curriculum. Students learn the language through situations of everyday life and compare it with the English language. They are taught how a word’s etymology helps to its understanding and spelling. The program’s aim for the Internationals, focuses on the overall understanding of structure of the Greek language. Students learn to read, write, communicate in every day Greek. The Greek language’s structure gives teachers the flexibility to modify their curriculum, to meet the needs of a multicultural student body. The greek words’ etymology helps them find connections between their native language and the Greek one. In Secondary, the aim is to develop the students’ linguistics skills in all areas of the Greek language, reading, speaking, listening and writing. In reading, students are exposed to a variety of different texts, through which they learn various ways to express the same meaning, due to the richness of the Greek vocabulary. Consequently, they become more familiar with every day conversation and real life situations. In writing, the standard form of grammar rules helps the students to easily and safely express their thoughts and ideas about different topics. The teaching values and history of the Greek language is part of the education in Pinewood, which addresses the development of the whole individual, intellectually, morally, socially and physically.