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    Secondary Division

    Grades 6 - 12

    Pinewood - The American International School’s secondary division offers a complete American college-preparatory program in Grades 6-12, including the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program.  The secondary division is divided into the Middle School Division (grades 6-8) and the High School (grades 9-12). The school is dedicated to striving for educational excellence and preparing students for challenging university study in the United States, the United Kingdom or other universities abroad.  As students progress through the secondary school programs, they become increasingly more knowledgeable, self-directed, responsible, and self-disciplined.  Students are encouraged to excel in academic, athletic, leadership, and student governance activities while also becoming involved in all aspects of school life.

    Grading  Systems

    The secondary school uses the following grading system:

     Letter Grade          Percentage Range

    A                           90-100
    B                           89-89
    C                           70-79
    D                           60-69
    F                           59 and below


    Students enrolled in ESL classes shall receive modified grades as per guidelines approved by the school board.

    ESL 1 and ESL 2 have specially modified work and tests given to them.

    ESL 3 students may be awarded a discretionary 10% plus, depending on the style of the task.

    ESL 5 students cannot be given an ESL grade.

    Alternative  Grades

    In exceptional circumstances, the following grading alternatives may be utilized with the prior approval of the Pinewood Director:

    I = Incomplete

    An incomplete grade indicates that the student has not completed all the required work for the course, and must complete it to earn a quarter grade.  The work must be completed in a predetermined time frame.  If it is not completed within that time frame, the student receives an “F” for the quarter.  Incomplete grades are communicated to the Main Office and a new report card will be issue by the Main Office once the incomplete grade has been changed to a letter grade by the teacher involved.

    P = Pass

    F = Fail

    The “pass” grade may be given to a student with special circumstances dependent on a student’s effort and not on percentage grading.  It indicates that the student is “working” or “making adequate progress.” However, the grade will not be a factor in the student’s grade point average. The grading process is consistent for the entire semester in this course.  A student will receive a P or F  for each quarter.

    NG = No Grade

    This grade is given to a student for whom a teacher is unable to grade, due to insufficient information.  An NG grade must be changed to a letter grade by the next grading period.


    The following system is used in averaging grades for the semesters and for final grades:

    First Semester Grades

    • 1st Quarter 40%
    • 2nd Quarter 40%
    • January Exam 20%

    Second Semester Grades

    • 3rd Quarter 40%
    • 4th Quarter 40%
    • June Exam 20%

    Final Grades= First Semester 50%, Second Semester 50%

    Academic  Probation

    A student will be assigned to academic probation if:

    1. The overall grade point average falls below 60%;

    2. The student receives three or more failing grades in a report period;

    3. The administration believes that the student’s performance will be improved through the placement on academic probation.

    Students on Academic Probation will be ineligible for participation in any extra-curricular activities during the period of the academic probation, including overnight field trips and athletics.  A student on academic probation may become eligible at the end of the quarter by meeting normal eligibility requirements.

    The  length of academic probation will be for one semester and students on Academic Probation will automatically be referred to the school’s Leadership Council for screening, evaluation and possible remedial services. If the terms of the academic probation are not realized, the student may be asked to withdraw from Pinewood - The  American International School.

    Advisory  Groups

    Advisory in Grades 6 - 12 is a short time set aside each morning for our students to positively interact with their peers. Through Advisory activities and discussions under the guidance of a grade-level faculty advisor, the goal of Advisory is to provide a welcoming, positive environment where each student feels comfortable and to offer academic and personal support for each student. At Pinewood, we firmly believe that no two students are alike. Thus, by forging strong student-teacher relationships, we are better able to assist in the success of each individual.