• Shared sacred sites

    Shared Sacred Sites: A Collaborative Project

    27 September 2017 07:30

    The International workshop "Shared Sacred Sites" is a collaborative project that seeks to develop a rubric for the description, classification, analysis, and publication of work relating to spaces and locations used by multiple, disparate communities for religious purposes.

    The Workshop was hosted in the Thessaloniki Photography Museum, on Sunday the 24th September, and or resident Art Historian Ms. Amalia stopped by.


    Eighteen scholars from around the world discussed the difficult issue of coexistence, multiethnicity, pluralism, tolerance, collaboration … and the importance of heritage and documenting “memory.” It was an exciting day with conflicting theories and arguments. The first Session of the Workshop was dedicated to “Thessaloniki and the Memory of Coexistence”. I would like to paraphrase what Dr. Aaron Rodrigue from Stanford University said about Thessaloniki in the collective memory of 4 Communities residing in the city during the earlier part of the 20th century:

    “For the Jews, Thessaloniki is the lost Balkan Jerusalem”

    “For the Greeks, Thessaloniki is a city that represents pride and victory”

    “For the Turks, Thessaloniki is a city little discussed in Historiography”

    “For the Bulgarians, Thessloniki is an unachieved dream”


    - Ms. Amalia Spiliakou