• Teaching & Learning Climate

    The Pinewood American International School believes that in order to be a highly effective performance  driven school, teachers and students must go about the business of teaching and learning in an efficient, effective and caring manner.  Pinewood strives to foster a warm and caring learning environment where belonging, service, and learning are valued.

    We seek to demonstrate respect for students and making their success the top priority within a supportive, caring and stimulating environment consisting of high standards and expectations.

    Teachers have the primary responsibility in dealing with transgressions quickly, fairly, and without lingering resentments. In cases of continued transgressions with appropriate teacher intervention (conferencing with students and/or parents, implementing strategies such as seat assignment changes, calling parents, etc.) or in cases of blatant misbehavior, students are referred to the school administration for action and consequences to the student’s behavior as per school policy.

    Academic Honesty

    Academic honesty is fundamental to the integrity and operation of our school. Acts of academic dishonesty, including plagiarism (the act of presenting others’ words and ideas as one’s own without crediting the source), stealing in quizzes and tests, copying work from other students or allowing their own work to be copied, or using notes during a test, are considered serious offenses.


    Regular  attendance  and  being  on  time  to  class  is  critical  to student  success  in  the  Pinewood academic   program and fundamental  to  the  teaching and  learning  process. The learning experiences that take place in the classroom are a meaningful and essential part of our educational program.  Time lost from class due to tardiness or absence is irretrievable and must be viewed as a lost opportunity for the in-class interactions between students and teachers.

    Pinewood provides generous holiday vacations within the calendar year, and it is expected that parents will be able to make their travel plans within the school schedule and calendar. Thus, starting school after the first day of the school year or leaving before the end of the school year is discouraged since it is extremely disruptive to the full instructional experience for students. Conversely, parents are discouraged from removing students from school for extended periods of time during the year for reasons other than family emergencies.


    The assignment of homework is a vital component of the academic program designed to reinforce the learning  taking place in the classroom. Homework is specifically defined as “the extension of the learning experience beyond the classroom.”The amount of homework will vary from day to day based upon the following:  the subject matter, the varying abilities of the student, the scheduling of other activities or special programs, and the work assigned for other projects.

    School Assemblies

    Throughout the school year, assemblies are held for the elementary school, the secondary school, and both school divisions simultaneously.  The assemblies may be thematic or informational in nature, yet serve to provide a sense of community for faculty, staff, and students. In the secondary school, the weekly unstructured Seminar Time on Wednesday afternoon is used for these purposes. In these various assembly forums, students are encouraged to be both courteous and attentive audience participants during assemblies.

    Dress Code

    Each student at the Pinewood American International School shall attend school clothed in a manner which is clean, not hazardous to the safety of himself/herself or others, and does not distract from the required educational environment.  Clothing worn by students that is, in the reasonable opinion of the school administration, inappropriate is not allowed.

    The   above  may  change  or  evolve  as  circumstances  dictate.

    Electronic Devices

    MP3 players, Walkmans, CD Players, Radios, etc. are not allowed in any of the campus buildings.  However, they are permitted to be used before and after school hours, during breaks, and during lunchtime OUTDOORS ONLY.  Students  using these items in the school buildings will have them confiscated.  Items will be returned at the end of the day.

    Mobile Phones may not be used in school during the school day as per Greek Law, yet they may be used outside of school buildings before and after school for communication with parents. Therefore, they must be kept on silent mode in students’ lockers between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 2:55 p.m. The phones may be confiscated in cases of repeated use during the school day.

    School/Home Communication

    The school organizes 3 very important evening events for parents. One of the most important evenings of the year, our annual Parents’ Night, is held in September of every year for all divisions. We highly encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to see the world your child inhabits every day at Pinewood and meet the people who are with him/her every day. It is one of the best ways to begin building that all-important home-school connection.

    Parent-Teacher Conferences

    Individual parent-teacher conferences are scheduled for parents twice a year, at which time student progress is thoroughly discussed.  These channels of communication are essential in providing collaboration between parents and teachers, ensuring student achievement and establishing collective goals and objectives for students.

    Parents may also meet with teachers at any other mutually convenient time scheduled with the school receptionist.

    Please check the calendar of events for specific dates on the above events.

    Click here for a copy of the Handbook 2015-16