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    Thessaloniki Innovation Camp on Resilience

    29 September 2017 13:22

    By Cynthia Villalba, Pinewood Parent.

    Seven members of the Pinewood community attended a unique event from September 21-23 -- the Thessaloniki Innovation Camp on Resilience 2017

    The Pinewood volunteers were Ian Harrington, Alexia Marinides, and Dr. Apostolos Rofealas as teacher participants, along with our school psychologist Anastasia Panidou and ICT support technician Konstantinos Spiliakos. Cynthia Villalba, a Pinewood parent, linked into her previous employment at the European Commission, Joint Research Centre.  Our school President, Dr. Roxanne Giampapa, introduced the group at the opening session, explaining that Pinewood’s motivation to engage with local society is grounded in the component of our mission dedicated to “service, respect for ethical values and awareness of local culture”. Individually, each group member connected with the challenge theme, according to their own expertise and experiences.

    The intensive 3-day event took place at nearby CERTH - Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (https://www.certh.gr/5B4D1A98.en.aspx) and was co-organized by:

    City of Thessaloniki

    European Commission’s Joint Research Center (JRC)

    European Commission’s Committee of the Regions (CoR)