Curious Thinkers – Creative Thinkers – Caring Thinkers


Over the last year, a team of stakeholders, including students, teachers, parents, administrators and Board members, has been exploring our school’s culture and values. The goal of our work has been to articulate a set of core values that will become part of our foundational documents, along with our mission and vision.

I am excited to present the results of that work here. Pinewood’s new core values are the enduring attributes that we will use to drive our decisions and actions. They aim to provide a valued school climate that cultivates a love of learning for happy, healthy students at all levels. We, as a faculty and staff, also look forward to articulating how they will be embedded, visible, actionable and fostered in the life of our school in the coming years.

Curious Thinkers

“desire to know”

Our school environment nurtures curiosity and skills for inquiry, research and all types of communication. Our students are encouraged to ask ‘why’ and to take risks in their learning experiences. Our goal is to motivate each student to develop a growth mindset and sustain a love of learning. Arising from curious thinking are attributes such as inquisitiveness, motivation, inspiration insight and discovery.

Creative Thinkers

“desire to innovate”

Our school environment encourages a rich diversity of original ideas, opinions and expressions to flourish. Our students are given daily opportunities to practice flexibility of thinking to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. Our goal is to foster the development of problem solving and equip our students for their complex future. Arising from creative thinking are attributes such as originality, diversity, open-mindedness, individuality, confidence, innovation and imagination.

Caring Thinkers

“desire to contribute to a global community”

Our school environment includes a holistic approach to educating students to practice empathy, integrity and respect. Our students are committed to the care and understanding of all people. Our goal is for students to make a positive difference in the lives of others and in the world. Arising from caring thinking are attributes such as kindness, balance, cooperation, integrity, responsibility, respect and concern for self and for others.

As it is June, and with the establishment of our new core values, I wish our Class of 2018 a life of curiosity, creativity and care as they move into the next stage of their exciting futures. May these values serve as inspiration for you!