Everyday Endorphins

Dr. Roxanne Giampapa

Head of School

I can’t think of anything more important at the moment than the wellbeing of our students. More than a year of bouncing between remote and in-person learning has taken its toll. 

As we focus on student wellbeing, we are also mindful of our teachers, staff, and parents/guardians. 

Enter’ Everyday Endorphins’

Everyday Endorphins is a podcast hosted by Stella Stephanopoulos that discusses topics related to health and wellbeing, with an emphasis on uncovering the mind-body connection and finding ways to spark happiness in day-to-day life. Throughout the episodes, listeners will gain wellness advice, learn about scientific research supporting wellness practices, and hear from industry experts on the intersection between health and business. 

I’m pleased not only to share this highly-relevant podcast but to share that Stella Stephanopoulos is the niece of our very own Petroula Rosiou, Secondary Administrative Officer, dedicated Pinewood community member, and proud aunt!

Tune in here to current and archived episodes….