25th of March 2015 Celebration


On Tuesday March 24th we held our Annual Celebration for the 1821 Greek Revolution. March 25th 1821 commemorates the day that the Greek Insurrection for independence begun against the Ottomans-  All of our elementary and grade 6 students were involved in the preparation of the whole celebration. Through interactive activities, like painting, dancing, singing and watching videos children had the opportunity to learn about this important period of Greek history and familiarize with many traditional cultural elements.

First grade students spoke about the Greek Revolution through poems. We were surprised with how quickly they learned and got acquainted with the material we gave to them. Second grade students dressed in traditional Greek costumes and danced two Greek folk dances, ‘Kalamatiano’ and ‘Syrto Sta Tria’. For the children, reciting their poems and dancing was an original experience and they really enjoyed both these activities.

Third and fourth grade sang and danced the popular song ‘Na tane to 21’ supported by live performances of piano, Mrs. Smite, and bouzouki artist, Mr. Lagousis. Finally, grade six students performed a ‘Syrtaki’ dance of the famous Zorbas song by Mikis Theodorakis which made everybody wanting to dance.

Most importantly, all students were motivated and excited for taking part in our annual Celebration. What is more, this enthusiasm helped them to get in touch with different aspects of Greek language and culture.

Elementary Greek Teachers: Mrs. Filiana Zafiriadou & Mrs. Sophia Konstantinidou