6th International Symposium in World Affairs


For the second year in a row Pinewood students were present at what has now become an institution for the city and Southeastern Europe, the Thessaloniki International Symposium in World Affairs, this year titled “The World in 2018: Between the Promise of Change and the Despair of New Conflicts.” 

Living in a world of increasing geopolitical uncertainty, our young visionaries had the opportunity to reflect on the thought paradigms and political strategies that will serve as the foundations of the emerging new world order. Through their exposure to issues of global concern, such as those of Grexit and sustainable economic recovery, Isis and islamophobia, digital innovation and growth, NATO, Russia, and Turkish politics, as well as Brexit and the future of the European Union, our students were allowed to negotiate the political vision of a future world that will rise beyond the current challenges of war, poverty, xenophobia, and state collapse.

What is even more interesting is that such a vision of cross-cultural solidarity is no different from what our students already experience in their daily interactions. For that is precisely the rich heritage that Pinewood enjoys, a multinational environment that serves as the ground for young people to experience the ideal of a global community thriving on international cooperation and understanding; a microcosm that helps our junior thinkers to choose before the despair of new conflicts, the promise of change.  

-Dr. Apostolos Rofaelas

English & Social Studies Departments