A Successful End to the MS Orienteering Project!

It is with great pride that I report on the successful end of the Middle School Orienteering Project that took place this past Wednesday.  Our fantastic guide, Mr. Kostas, set a tough but picturesque 14-flag course through the forest and around the lakes of Thermi Park.  Many students bravely completed the course alone while others worked the course with a partner.  It was wonderful to witness our students using their mental and physical strengths and also showing encouragement and camaraderie to their schoolmates throughout this event. The final timed results for the top 8 teams are as follows:

Benjamin Garcia and Roger Llakmani – 23’33”

Marianna Petra and Maria Poimenidou – 26’03”

Sophia Tsangarides and Loxandra Gkotzaridis – 28’00”

Andrea Arivella – 29’06”

Hikaru Maeda and Aleksei Morozov – 31’55”

Borja Rodriguez and Giannis Raptopoulos – 40’28”

Karah Giesecke – 40’45”

Eleni Omiridou – 42’00”

After the competition, students enjoyed playing tennis, basketball, volleyball, and soccer in Thermi’s Environmental Park.  As a grand finale, students participated in a friendly Boys versus Girls Tug-of-War which ended in a 2-2 tie.

Congratulations to all students on showing exemplar Pinewood spirit throughout all four Orienteering events.  Thanks go out to all our teacher and parent chaperones, Mr. Harrington, Mrs. Pinakidou, Mrs. Tavlaridou, Dr. Manney, Ms. Tsoulfa, Dr. Giampapa, Dr. Squires, Mrs. Giesecke, and Mr. Kostas Papantoniou.

Linda Kainz

Middle School Team Leader