A Warm Welcome to Candice Pipoly


I am pleased to welcome our new student teacher, Ms. Candice Pipoly, who will join our Middle School team from now until Easter Break. Candice, who is completing her Bachelor’s degree in Middle School Mathematics & Science Education at Kent State University in Ohio, will be working with Mrs. Kainz in Grade 6 Mathematics, Dr. Squires in Grade 6 Science and Mrs. Paliouris in Grade 8 Introduction to Physical Science. Candice already brings extensive classroom experience with her. During her Spring semester 2010, she worked in an urban school district for over 100 hours, attaining rich experiences with educators who taught both gifted and special needs students. The following semester, she taught math, science and language arts for 14 weeks in a suburban fifth grade classroom. Following this experience, Candice spent 2 weeks teaching math and science in a seventh grade classroom. Beyond her classroom experience, Candice has worked with the very successful Big Brothers & Big Sisters program in the U.S. We welcome Candice to Pinewood and look forward to seeing her in action with our children.