A21 at Pinewood


 Pinewood students, faculty, and staff members walked for all those who cannot!

Given that this year the A21 Walk for Freedom did not take place due to Covid-19 restrictions, our students from Grades 10, 11, and 12 walked in a circle within the schoolyard, in a metonymic Walk that has gradually evolved to a community event for our school over the past few years.

In line with our Strategic Priority of Responsibility, and the need  ”to promote a spirit of collective responsibility and active engagement with the challenges of the local and global community on the bases of diversity, equity, and inclusion”, every step we took was symbolic of the steps that thousands of children, women, and men are denied every day because of human trafficking, the plague of our modern world.

Let us all never forget that if one person only, anywhere in the world, by seeing all these young people walking, feels encouraged to take action, call a hotline, or report to the police any incident s/he has been witnessing but remains silent of, and thus save the life of a single baby, child, woman, and/or man who is a victim of human trafficking, then our mission for that day was accomplished. This is what raising awareness is about – and it works!

Dr. Apostolos Rofaelas, English Department Chair, Social Studies Department Chair.