Alumnus Story: Konstantinos Chrysoulas ’18


Konstantinos graduated from Pinewood in 2018 . Ηe was accepted to Syracuse University with a full-tuition scholarship- the highest recognition offered by the Office of Admissions, where he is completing his computer science major, in the College of Engineer and Computer Science.

He is now realizing his full potential thanks to the high academic standards and tremendous resources American universities have to offer. Getting an on-campus job, became a resident advisor, all while maintaining a GPA of 4.0. shows his willingness to work hard and determination.

Konstantinos is making plans to pursue a five-year program that combines a master’s and doctoral degree after graduation. He wants to explore different fields where computer science can be applied, with a focus on robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. “The application of computer science in the field of health care is especially interesting to me,” he says.

We congratulate him and wish him luck in pursuing his dreams #pinewoodproud

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