Antibullying Awareness


Bullying , in all its forms, physical, emotional, verbal, cyber, has sadly become such an everyday occurance in our lives. For this reason, I decided to introduce the topic to my ESL A class and get students talking about the problem. It is mind­blowing to hear that more than 5 million students are victims of bullying each year, that 160 thousand students choose not to attend school because
they are afraid of being bullied, and that a victim of bullying is twice more likely to commit suicide.

The first step in dealing with this problem is to talk about it­ to recognize it, refuse to participate in it, and to finally report and stand up for the victim. It is important for victims of bullying to realize they are not alone, that things will get better, and they should be around to witness the change!

My ESL A students, analyzed PSA videos, viewed statistics, and heard real victim stories. Finally, students put together an anti­bullying display in our school library showing the different types of bullying, and asking others to not be a bystander but to take a stand against bullying.

Ms. Helen Dalakas
English Teacher and Librarian