Art elective students painting portraits of orphaned children in India – 2023


Art elective students painting portraits of orphaned children in India

In a heartwarming initiative and collaboration with the Memory project organisation, our art elective students have come together to paint portraits of orphanage children from India. These portraits not only showcase the talent of these young artists but also bring attention and representation of orphaned children in India.

The project started when Ms Kapanidou, our Art teacher, connected with the Memory project organisation for a second year, to further support their initiatives and promote the IB learner profile of a caring, global citizen to our students. This year, our school was linked to children from India. The photographs were shared with the students, who were tasked with creating portraits of the children.

The students approached the project with enthusiasm and dedication, carefully studying each photograph to capture the unique features and personalities of the children. They used a variety of painting techniques and styles in using acrylics to create stunning and lifelike portraits.

The completed portraits were sent to the memory project organisation who will then deliver them to the children as our gift. The day of the delivery will also be documented and a video will be sent back to our school and our students. Copies of the portraits will be displayed in an in-school exhibition, where they will be admired by visitors for a long duration of time. The exhibition aims not only to showcase the students’ artistic talents but also to raise awareness of orphaned children in India and meet the DEIBJ principles (diversity, equity, inclusion,belonging, justice), a topic close to Ms Kapanidou’s heart.

The initiative has been a huge success, with both students and teacher feeling proud of the impact they have made. We hope that the children at the orphanage will also be delighted to see themselves portrayed in such a beautiful way.

This project demonstrates the power of art to bring attention to important social issues and create positive change. It is an excellent example of how the arts can be used to promote empathy, understanding, and social justice. We hope that this initiative inspires others to use their creativity for the betterment of society.