Book Week 2015 News


Reading allows us to journey without moving, to experience lives and worlds from the comfort and safety of our armchairs and sofas. It is an invaluable and incomparable pleasure. Last week, in recognition of Reading Week, Pinewood High school students, in conjunction with the English Faculty, celebrated reading and writing by presenting their own original writing and sharing their experiences as readers.

Students from Grades 6, 9 and 10 articulately and passionately presented to the school. Grade 6 recited their own beautiful poems and explained a range of poetic genres focusing on nature and the future. Students from Grade 9 introduced the conventions survival stories and read extracts from their exciting survival stories and students from Grade 10 followed up with perspectives on reading, focusing on the symbolic importance of the “beast” in literature and inside of us all!

It was an exciting and eloquent event in which we were reminded of the joy and individual expression writing and reading gives. The message of the day was clear: Reading gives us pleasure and enables us to make informed, individual decisions. Keep reading and journeying with literature.

Ms. Tao McCarthy
Secondary English