Business Management IB1 students visit the Souroti water factory to talk business!


As the first year of the IB Business Management Class nears its completion the students are asked to prepare a 500 word research proposal for a business of their choice, which is the first part of the Internal Assessment in Business Management. Elena Kartali, a student in BM class, has chosen Souroti to do her research and write a 2000 word essay on whether Souroti water factory should expand its product portfolio by introducing new products other than sparkling and still water, the second part of the IA in BM.

Elena’s choice of business served as an incentive for the trip to the Souroti factory, last Monday, May 20. The class had been studying Marketing in the last quarter learning how a business decides what products to produce, what price to charge, how to promote products and what places to sell them (the Four Ps of the Marketing Mix). All students had prepared questions for an interview with the Marketing Director, Mrs. Anastasia Moustaka who was impressed with the high level of our student’s knowledge of Business concepts. Mrs. Moustaka when asked whether Souroti was affected much by the Economic crisis in Greece answered that Souroti’s sales dropped only by 5% and Souroti did not let go of any employees, they just cut down on energy costs to deal with the drop in sales. Mr. Emvalamatis then gave us a tour of the factory where students saw all stages of bottling sparkling and still water, they also enjoyed free samples of Souroti products.

I would like to thank Mrs. Anastasia Moustaka and Mr. Antonios Emvalamatis for their help in making this trip such a valuable on site experience for our students where they saw how a business works and were very enthusiastic coming back with a lot of information for their Business Project.

Mrs. Katerina Tsaloumi
Economics IB and Business IB Teacher