C.A.R.E. Project in the Pinewood Library


C.A.R.E. (Care for A Reader at Elementary) is a new reading project aimed at helping elementary students with their developing literacy skills. All children beginning reading need a lot of individual practice both in school and at home. (See previously posted articles on how you can help your child with his reading in just ten minutes a day).

The Pinewood C.A.R.E. Project is carried out by volunteer students from our I.B. Program. Each I.B. student is assigned a student from Grades 1-5. The volunteer student works with his ‘child’ once a week or more in the case of a first grader emerging reader. The student being helped practices not only his reading but also his pronunciation and speaking skills. Reading Comprehension, vocabulary work and some writing also make up part of the CARE session. These activities are carried out in a stress-free, fun-filled learning environment and the elementary students involved are relishing the individual attention being given to them.

C.A.R.E.  Pairs for 2012-2013

Dimitris Athanasiou        –> Marios (Grade 1)

Marco Bustamante        –> Jerry (Grade 3)

Lydia Chrysoula            –> Manolis (Grade 1)

Appolinaryia Chikunova –> Andre (Grade 1)

Dimitra Dokas               –> Peng Peng (Grade 5)

Marianna Iovino            –> Martino (Grade 3)

Vela Stoyanova            –> Theodore, Maks (Grade 1)

Angelique Tziatas          –> Andre (Grade 1)

Pavlina Vlachopoulou    –> Emiliano  (Grade 1)

Sarah Zhange               –> Jake (Grade 3)

Elisabeth Chartampilla   –>Manolis (Grade 1)

Christina Constantinou   –>Jake (Grade 3)

The I.B. students taking part in the program are gaining C.A.S. hours for their work in the library with these students as part of their I.B. Program commitments. An unexpected gain for them is that they are also learning a lot about teaching young children and some of these students have taken so much interest in the program that they are developing their own materials to use with their children.

Witness the enthusiasm in their faces in the photos

Marianne Dundon

English Teacher and Librarian