C YOU Art Competition – Art Exhibition and Winners!


80 Teams and 250 students reacted to Violence with their Creativity!

Last Sunday night, January 27 at 6:00 p.m. the non-profit organization for Youth’s rights held a wonderful event to announce the winners of the C YOU Art Competition: REACT TO VIOLENCE WITH CREATIVITY. 80 teams and 250 students exhibited their art projects on the causes and effects of youth violence. The visitors enjoyed a variety of creative art projects.

Competition was tough and a team from the Nea Triglia High School with their Video to Speak Up and ask for help when it comes to Violence and Bullying won First Place. Two members of the team will go to Sweden next September to represent Greece. Pinewood was the second school with the highest number of teams participating. All participants received small gifts and those present at  the event received a certificate of participation.

I would like to congratulate all of Pinewood participating students for their effort.   All the participants gained from the experience.

Here is what one of our students, Tiziana Lunigiani ’14 said:

“I really enjoyed taking part in this project. I think indeed, it helped my team and me to think and shape better the bullies issue that is a growing concern in our society and it is getting worse and spreading like an epidemic disease affecting our well-being.

For the project, the team made a video aimed to show one way to counter bulling. The message was straightforward: SHOW NO FEAR, DEFEND YOUR RIGHTS AND DENOUNCE the bullies. We intended to draw people’s attention on the fact that is better to make the first step and react than hide and avoid responsibilities. We wanted to raise emotions and make people aware of the importance of intervening. “Life is a matter of courage; so just do it, you can help” that was the idea of our video.

Finally, the award ceremony impressed me a lot especially because there were so many interesting art projects that highlighted the way children feel. I am looking forward to next year’s competition.”

Turn out at the event was high, many students, parents and teachers present had the chance to admire the participating projects. There was a lot of excitement with a lot of music, dancing and fun.

It was a celebration where students demonstrated an alternative solution to violence.

Katerina Tsaloumi

CAS Advisor, Economics and Business Teacher