Call for Action for Refugees in Idomeni


The past couple of years have been times of challenge for all of us with the socioeconomic decay taking place in our country. We have all been affected by it, either directly, or indirectly through our community. This helps us appreciate the countless minor, and major things in life that we daily take for granted. Our humanity and willingness to help is shown in times of crisis, where we have to take  initiative and be selfless. At Pinewood, we are all very blessed and grateful for the things we have been provided with and thus want to contribute to those who have been less fortunate than us.

Eleven million people, about half the population of Syria, have fled the country since fighting started in 2011, and more than 200,000 are believed dead. This summer, tens of thousands of frightened refugees have arrived on the Greek islands as a gateway to the European Union, which promises them a new beginning. Most of them have arrived through unauthorized boats from the shores of Turkey and have no clean clothes, food, medication or proper housing. It is our duty to help those in need, especially when we enjoy a plentiful life. Collectives, movements and volunteers from Thessaloniki have put a call for action for refugees who arrive daily in Idomeni at the Greek – FYRO Mac edonian borders. It is now our turn as a vital organ of our community to contribute and support these refugees.

“Call for Action” for refugees in Idomeni, is a project that we have started in hopes of helping those in need. During the next month and until the first of November, we are organizing a charity for food, clothes and amenities in order to supply the refugees. We write to ask you to support our efforts to help others in our community by donating to our “Call for Action” project. These people were forced to flee their own country because of the ulterior decisions that other people took. Seeing their hometown being shuttered and crushed is an experience they unfortunately had to live. Let’s help them in their efforts of starting a new beginning.

Best Regards,

Galini & Maria Poimenidou

Below is the full list of products we would welcome. All products can be placed in boxes that are available either in the entrance of the Early Years building, or in the entrance of the Main School Building.

Food Amenities Clothes
Baby Formula
Baby Food (in jars)
Baby Biscuits
Canned food
Long life milk
Dry Food
Cream Food for Babies
Baby Bottles
Baby diapers
Baby wipes
Cups for toddlers
Sanitary napkins
Plastic forks and spoons
Plastic Food Containers
For children/infants
Sneakers – all sizes
Waterproof jackets
Warm Infant Clothing