Cheer Camp 2013

Bring it on!  In an effort to raise money for the program, the Pinewood Cheerleaders hosted their first Cheer Camp for boys and girls ages four to ten.  Over two hours the new cheerleaders learned the four components of every cheer routine: dancing, tumbling, cheering, and stunting.  As well as working together, trust, and new friends.  Some students started out very afraid when they were asked to try tumbling, but with mats securely under their feet, they bravely took on the task.
At the end of the two hours there was a “Parent Pep-rally”.  All the cheerleader parents and friends attended and the youth cheerleaders were able to show everything they had learned during their time at camp.  At the end of the “Parent Pep-rally” each boy and girl received a certificate of their accomplishments.  
This was a really fun way for the Pinewood Cheerleaders to share their passion for cheerleading!   By the end of cheerleading camp, kids felt accomplished, sore, stretched, challenged, even a few had ringing ears from all of spirit going around.

Emily Johnston

Grade 2 Teacher and Cheerleading Coach