Colleges Present to Motivated Pinewood Students


It is only the third week of school and some of Pinewood’s students are already researching and participating in college-oriented activities. Last week we welcomed representatives from Pomona College, University of Chicago and Williams College, all well-rounded institutions across the United States dedicated to student success and enrichment.

Keeping financial accessibility in mind, the visiting college representatives shared how their campuses handle financial aid either through grants and need-based scholarships. Students were keen to ask what the current application requirements are for each respective school, and they were surprised to learn about test-optional admission applications offered by many US colleges and universities following the pandemic. Each college representative stressed the importance of their holistic application processes, meaning applicants will be considered for more than just their test scores and apart from their financial need. Other application factors such as extracurriculars, recommendation letters, and students’ personal essays will be highly considered to accept students that most align with their mission and identity.

All three of these institutions, Pomona, University of Chicago and Williams College are liberal arts colleges that prepare students with a diverse core curriculum and different institutional support systems that promote a love of learning. Students from these institutions have strong placements in jobs, graduate programs and internships, so we invite all interested students and families to further research these institutions to find the best fit college. For more information regarding these U.S. colleges and how to start preparing for college application, please email our college counselor Nikos Tsachtanis at [email protected]