Commencement 2012


On Friday, June 15, Pinewood hosted its annual commencement ceremony for the graduating class of 2012. Our small yet dynamic class of eight showed poise and style in completing this extraordinary rite of passage. A very special acknowledgement of thanks to our keynote speaker, Dr. Panayiotis Vlachos, for his poignant advice to the students. In addition, the original song, A Journey Complete, music composed by Jordan Markov ’12, lyrics by Pamela Apsi ’14 and Holly Kay ’14 and accompanied on guitar by Christiana Vagianou ‘12, was a beautiful way to celebrate the satisfaction that parents, faculty and friends felt for the accomplishments of the senior class. Congratulations to the Class of 2012. Be safe, be clever, be kind as you go into the world.

Michael Dokas Ipag Business School, France
Andreas Hatziantoniou UWE Bristol, UK
Selena Kofina Gap Year
Jordan Markov University of Kent, UK
Theodora Pilitsis Bard College, USA (full scholarship)
Marta Rodriguez Maastricht University, Netherlands
Filip Trajkovic Prague College, Prague
Christiana Vagianou Bard College, USA (partial scholarship)