Cross-Curricular Trip to Ioannina

On Thursday, May 12th, Grade 9 and 10 students, equipped with umbrellas and overcoats, set out on a three-day trip to Ioannina. Luckily we enjoyed three sunny Spring days, with only a few spots of rain, which enabled us to enjoy our trip to the full. Students visited a variety of museums, sites of historical and scientific importance and areas of internationally recognized natural beauty where they completed activities with enthusiasm and care.

At the Averoff Art Gallery in Metsovo and famous Molivdoskepasti Monastery great paintings and frescos were analyzed and interpreted; amazing biodiversity was examined at Bourazani in the UNESCO recognized Greek National Park of Vikos-Aoos and inspiration for Dr. Manney’s current English assignment was gathered at the Perama cave and the picturesque inhabited island of Pamvotida Lake, Ioannina. A multitude of new information was acquired about our host country and our natural world. “Did you know that the people of Ioannina are renowned for their intricate silver work or that a stalactite has a hole in its centre whereas a stalagmite does not?”

Finally, a Science teacher was educated in Art and Art History and an Art History teacher was educated in natural science. We all returned to Thessaloniki on Saturday, tired but fulfilled in the knowledge that we had talked a lot, laughed a lot and of course learnt a lot! We would like to say a big THANK YOU to all the students that came on this trip. We may have done the planning however it was their courtesy, inquiring minds and spirit for fun that made this trip a true success.

Chaperones: Dr. C. Squires and Mrs. A. Spiliakou

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