December Library News


Overdue Books:

All students and faculty are asked to return overdue books to the library before the winter break commences.

Scholastic Book Club Orders:

We are waiting for our books to arrive. They were ordered on Dec 1st and should arrive shortly. They will be delivered to your classroom.

Book Donations:

We extend a huge thank you to parent and school volunteer, Mrs Ilonka Gkotzaridis for her very generous donation of beautiful French books for all ages. We also thank Kendra Douglas, our visiting Art student teacher, for leaving us with two beautifully illustrated books about Ohio.

  • Panoramic Ohio: Photographs by Thomas R. Schiff. Cincinnati Art Museum.
  • Lined up for Yesterday: Ogden Nash. Illustrated by C.F. Payne.  (A beautifully illustrated book celebrating baseball’s formative years.)

Kendra would like teachers and students from Ohio to write their own impressions under photographs in the books.

Greek and French Books in the library.

Check out our large selection of Greek and French fiction and non-fiction books for all ages!

Best Reader.

Congratulations to our most voracious reader, Catalina Cojocaru in 4th Grade for devouring the entire Harry Potter Series!

New Forensics Titles.

For students taking part in the Forensics after-school club, we have acquired quite a few new titles. Come and check them out at the library. Many thanks to Ms Athena Yiannoulis.

Lexia Reading Scheme.

We will be piloting a new reading scheme called Lexia during December and January with Grades 1-4. This is a computer program aimed at improving children’s literacy skills.

C.A.R.E. Project.

Our new CARE Project has been running successfully since September with 15 participants from I.B. Classes working individually with 15 elementary children offering them extra reading practice. 

Marianne Dundon