Disabled Access Friendly Talk at Pinewood


On Wednesday, we had the pleasure of welcoming Mrs. Sophia Christidi from the Disabled Access Friendly Campaign of Thessaloniki. Mrs. Christidi presented to our Elementary students.

The first part of the presentation, a discussion and PowerPoint presentation, was a huge success as the children were very interested and eager to participate, comment and answer questions. With the different age groups, the responses given ranged from cute to serious which made it very interesting! The students were very interactive and willing to share their ideas and experiences.

After the presentation, the children were split into groups of ten and given posters with pictures in which they had to find mistakes as related to appropriate disabled access. Our students were enthusiastic about it as they also had to pick a representative of the group who would talk on the microphone about two of the mistakes they had found. Each group took its turn and then they were given a sticker to put on their shirt and an etiquette list to show and talk about with their parents.

The talk gave the Pinewood students a lot to think and talk about and we hope that they will spread the word as promised!

Thank you to Mrs. Christidi for taking the time to enlighten our young students about disabled access etiquette in our city and our world.