Diversity and Inclusion Month in Kindergarten



In Ms. Alexandra’s Kindergarten 1 class, December is “Diversity and Inclusion” month. Our goal is to aid the students into acquiring interpersonal skills, and a deep understanding of the concepts of diversity, special needs, and inclusion. That is why, this month, the children are experiencing the world the way visually and hearing impaired people do by attempting to complete everyday activities. Through various activities specifically designed for our young students, the children will develop positive attitudes towards identifying themselves as unique and worthy persons; recognize that everyone has rights and responsibilities, and increase their awareness of their own abilities. Our goal throughout this month is to manifest unacceptance, respect and appreciation for all people in our society regardless of their abilities and circumstances, to foster positive self-regard, but also to promote positive attitudes toward others, and to foster the ability to function harmoniously and productively in a multicultural and inclusive society. The accompanying photos are from one of our projects wherein students were required to color the gingerbread men without the use of their hands or while blindfolded.