Early Years Series Kick Off with Dr. Smaropoulos


A few of the practical tips that were discussed include:

1. Use appropriate barriers for stairs, landings, rooftops and fireplaces. Vertical banisters for windows are preferable to horizontal ones as children cannot climb on them out of curiosity and risk falling from a dangerous height.

2. Use dummy plugs to cover unused sockets and install safety circuits. Alternatively, place heavy furniture in front of them.

3. Keep all cupboards securely locked as these are one of the favorite places for young children to hide.

4. Instruct your children to hold on firmly to swings, slides and seesaws while playing.

5. Small objects such as buttons, beads and safety pins must be kept out of reach of children, particularly those below the age of two years.

6. Do not hold your baby in your lap while drinking hot beverages or while cooking.

7. Do not allow children to perform new skills without giving them the proper demonstration and training.  

After a child experiences a traumatic event, there are several important things that parents can do to help:

1.  Reassure your child that they are safe and that trustworthy people are in control.

2.  Spend extra time with your child and help him/her return to normal routines as quickly as possible.

3.  Talk to your child. Answer his/her questions.

4.  Give your child the amount of information that you believe he/she can understand.

5.  Help your child express his/her feelings.  

Dr. Smaropoulos also explained how increased communication between home and school is particularly important after a traumatic event. Teachers need to know what has happened in a child’s life and parents should also be informed of sudden changes in a child’s behavior or performance at school.

The Early Years Series is a new initiative that provides modern, practical perspectives about children and is led by professionals in the Thessaloniki community. Each month, on the last Wednesday, we have organized a different discussion that aims to provide parents and faculty with important information in areas directly related to young children’s behavior, medical care, safety, nutrition, psychology and language acquisition. Although the talks are geared towards EYP and Elementary parents, they are proving to be very interesting for anyone involved with children of all ages.

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