Effective Communication Skills for Students, Parents & Teachers


In October, we hosted a series of workshops on “Effective Communication Skills for Students, Parents & Teachers.” In each presentation, participants were taken through the elements and concepts that make communication more effective. See more…

The topics for each workshop were divided into 3 categories:

Voice (tone, breath, projection, speech clarity etc)

Body (body language, posture, movement, eye contact etc)

Mind (How to mentally approach each class, structural tips to make the class more engaging, direction of focus etc)

Dimitrios Loukakis, our invited seminar leader, is a London-based communication specialist. He is currently working as a voice and movement tutor at the Arts Educational Schools, London and as a lecturer in voice training at the University of Creative Arts, Surrey. In his private practice, he coaches and trains educators, corporate clients, media professionals, lawyers and other individuals interested in working on their voices, communication, presentation skills and personal development.