Mental Health Month for Pinewood

October has been established as the Mental Health month for Pinewood, since October 10 is considered the World Mental Health day where professionals have an overall objective of raising awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilizing efforts in support of mental health.
Secondary students have been participating in several activities, by watching videos to become more aware of mental health difficulties, by practicing meditation and understanding specific  characteristics of mental health problems. Additionally, students learned how to reflect on their thoughts and emotions, and how important it is to become aware of the way we are thinking.
Keeping track of our thoughts is definitely a challenging task!
All students participated in the Pinewood campaign:

‘Protect Yourself, Reveal Yourself’

where they wrote on a mask:
1. What do people tell you when you are facing a problem?
2. Is there an emotion or thought you would like to express?
Our activity was inspired by the following mental health awareness campaign:  
Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, behavior and social wellbeing, affecting how we act, think and feel. Let’s learn how to protect it and be the advocates of ourselves.