Entrepreneurship G6

Our G6 Entrepreneurship Fair took place this morning, and 11 booths were laid out with the business logos and products or services offered. Some students decided to create actual physical products like jewelry, all natural creams, bath bombs, scented kneepads for athletes, candles made from reused crayons, spacious and fun-filled hamster cages and even covers that repel pet hair off those couches. Others decided to create apps that provide services such as a scanner app that can help ease colorblindness, an app that helps kids bake, a geography game as well as an online marketplace for sports equipment.

We had the pleasure to showcase our ideas to G4 and G8 students & teachers and get them to vote for their favorite ideas.Out of 58 votes cast, our top three business ideas are as follows:

1. Skincare Go with homemade, all natural creams by Konstantinos Kampantais. 
2. JemGal with cool summer handmade jewelry by Ioli Alegre and Aidan Fountain.
3. Viscious Hamster with spacious, fun filled hamster cages  to keep you pet entertained by Emil Leons and Marvin Gadji.