ESS & Biology Field Trip to Thermi Dam


On Thursday 26 May the Biology and Environmental Systems and Societies IB1 students visited the dam area at Thermi. Students gained a practical insight into the abiotic factors which define a particular habitat or ecosystem and hands-on experience of Ecology field work. More specifically, students learned about the identifying features of different plant types and gathered data of plant populations using the ‘quadrat’ method which enables scientists to take samples of data so as to obtain sufficient representative data of an entire habitat without counting each and every plant! Upon our return to school students learned how to process their data using appropriate statistical tests enabling them to make valid conclusions to round off a day full of challenging new experiences.  Sunbathing turtles and ducklings and beautiful weather made for a day that I am sure our students will remember for a long time to come!

Dr. Clare Squires
Mrs. Georgia Paliouris