What is a Growth Mindset?

Growth Mindset is a belief that a person’s abilities and intelligence can be developed through practice, perseverance, determination and motivation.


What is a Fixed Mindset?

Fixed mindset is the idea that intelligence and ability alone will lead to success. People with a fixed mindset believe that these things are fixed and cannot be developed or improved upon.

Why is Having a Growth Mindset Important?

It is believed that children with a Fixed Mindset are more likely to:

  1. Fear failure

  2. Give up on tasks they feel are too difficult

  3. Ignore feedback

  4. Avoid challenges

  5. Feel threatened by the success of others


On the other hand, children who have a Growth Mindset are more likely to:

  1. Learn from their mistakes

  2. Be motivated to succeed

  3. Put in more effort

  4. Take on challenges

  5. Take risks

  6. Seek feedback

  7. Learn more

  8. Learn faster

  9. Demonstrate resilience

Keep your eye on this section each week for more information on how you can promote a Growth Mindset at home.