Dear Pinewood Parents,


I want to take a moment and talk a little about the procedure that we follow when we have a new case. Please read carefully, as there are some steps that we need parents to take in a timely manner.


First, the parent notifies the school of a positive test result. If it is a self test, the school cannot act. The school will begin contact tracing and contacting parents once we have a positive rapid or pcr test result. A copy of the results must be shared with the school nurse as well.


Once we receive a positive pcr or rapid test result, we begin the process of contact tracing. The school nurse will contact the family and, based on the information, she determines the contact tracing and testing requirements. Based on this information, an email with the testing requirements is then sent out to the parents and shared on ClassDojo. In the past, if there were no close contacts, we would not inform the parents. However, from today forward, we will inform parents of any case in their class – even if there is no contact tracing required.


PLEASE: be sure to check your spam folder as well for the email.


The important takeaway from this is that if your child has a positive self test, it is imperative you go for a rapid or pcr test as soon as possible. If this is positive, please inform the school immediately so we can begin contact tracing.


Thank you,

Ms. Mills