Filming at Pinewood

Now, the footage is in the studio where the team will begin editing and putting it all together. After completion, sometime in February, the video will be shared with all of you via email and the website. Additionally, it will be used as one of the new marketing tools for the coming years.

While much of the video is built around interviews with faculty, the most charming part of it is the natural action shots (okay, some were staged) of students playing chess in the Library, conducting experiments in the Science Lab, creating artwork in the Fine Arts studio, talking with friends in the hallways and a host of other small moments that make up the daily activity of our school.  Although students are in non-speaking action shots only, consent forms will be sent home in the next week. It is only after you approval that your child may appear in our video.

The entire project, from filming to editing to production, is made possible by the generous donation of the Liolios Media Group!