Fruit Day by our Environmental Club


Our Environmental Club (after school club) organized the FRUIT DAY on Thursday, January 28, to raise awareness and to educate our Early Years and Elementary students on why to eat and appreciates more veggies and fruits. 2021 is the International year of fruits and vegetables.

Fresh Fruits delivered to all classrooms. Mrs. Theodoridou, the Club Coordinator, and Ms. Karagiaouri, our school nurse, emphases on the benefits of fruit consumption for our health and benefits  for our planet. The initiative is part of the Climate Action Super Hero UN project. 

We have introduced the Veggie Vindicator climate hero one of the characters created for the UN project whose role is to explain to kids that what we eat, and how that food is produced, affects our health but also the environment. Plant-based foods, such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds, have a lower environmental impact than animal-based foods such as meat and dairy products. Plant-based foods generally use less energy, land and water, and cause less greenhouse gases. This does not mean we have to become a vegan or vegetarian. A healthy diet is one that provides adequate calories and nutrients from several different food groups. But by shifting to healthy diets that include sustainability considerations you can help the environment.

Early Years and Grade 1 students have been given a project to draw their favorite fruit after watching the varieties of fruits and their benefits while G2 to G5 students will be working on creating a recipe with fruits and veggies. Recipes will be collected and the best will be shown in our yearbook projects and news while the student will be awarded a gift. Download the project papers here.

Did you know that food makes up the largest part of a person’s water footprint (the amount of water consumed in your daily life), even when compared to taking baths or long showers? The production of one 150 gram beef burger, for example, requires about 2,250 liters of water. A 725 gram cheese-and-tomato pizza requires about 1,216 liters of water.