World’s 6th Place for our G10 student at PANGEA finals!


Congratulations to Oleksandr Mykhailiuk G10!
Ranked 6th worldwide!

Congratulations to our G10 student for placing 6th in the PANGEA WORLD MATH Competition Finals! That is an outstanding achievement and a testament to his hard work and dedication.

Oleksandr Mykhailiuk qualified and competed in the finals where he scored 92.000 points!!! It is always inspiring to see young people excel in academics and demonstrate their skills on a global stage. 

The Pangea Math World is a unique mathematics competition organized by Pangea Wettbewerb. The competition includes complicated math and has been steadily growing since 2007 with the number of participants increasing every year.  Students from 21 countries registered for the competition this year!

Oleksandr joined Pinewood School under a full scholarship due to the trust and generous support of the Pinewood Board of Trustee member Ms. Kennie Bissell Grogan who committed to support him until his graduation! 

This year is the first year Pinewood managed to secure three full scholarships for extraordinary students. All three students have demonstrated remarkable academic potential and are eager to pursue their dreams. The scholarships will help them reach their educational goals and open doors to exciting new opportunities.

Oleksandr received the scholarship this year after he had to flee his home with his mother and grapndparents due to the devastating war in Ukraine. They decided to move to Thessaloniki in search of safety and a better life. They left Odessa the place where he was born and raised,  last spring. It was the first time he left his country. Since arriving in Pinewood, he has adapted to his new environment with ease. He has made friends and he is proud to call Pinewood his home.

For Oleksandr Math has been his passion! This is not the first time that he demonstrates his skills in Math. During his Grade 9 back in Ukraine, he qualified for the National Math Competition Finals which was then interrupted due to the situation.

We are so proud of Oleksandr’s hard work and dedication to math. His exceptional performance is an amazing accomplishment. We know he will continue to excel in this competition, and wish him all the best. He has also an incredible work ethic and willingness to help others, which has earned him the respect of his peers and teachers alike. Oleksandr is an excellent student who is very curious and always eager to learn more. 

With the support of Ms. Bissell Grogan and the guidance of the school, Oleksandr is ready to take on the challenges that come with being a student at Pinewood!

We are deeply grateful for the support of our donors and Board of Trustees members. 

Their unwavering commitment to helping students succeed during these challenging times is invaluable.