Grade 2 Goes to Work!


Grade 2 participated in “Take your Child to Work Day” on Thursday, February 7.  This day gave the students the opportunity to learn and be exposed to community jobs that we are learning about in social studies.  Actively participating in a job is an opportunity for hands on learning.

This day allowed the student to accompany their parents, guardians, grandparents, or other relatives and friends to work.  They used this day to gather real world experience to bring back to the classroom and present their experience for “A Day on the Job”.

Grade 2 experienced professions in the fields of medicine, education, entrepreneurship, financing, science and management.

This day gave second grade a window into the real workplace versus what they’ve witnessed through TV, films or adult conversations. It allowed the students to see firsthand how adults serve a useful role in society; that there is a team fabric; and ideally, a sense of community.

Emily Johnston

Grade 2 Teacher